Sponsorship for the  4Jim5k Jim Bemis Memorial Run.

There are many levels of support available. Please contact us for more information.

For sponsorship opportunities please contact sponsorship@4jim5k.com

Thanks to all our Sponsors… if you would like to support the 4Jim5k Jim Bemis Memorial Run. Please click the email above. We are now partnering with the Bringing Hope Home Charity which supports families while their loved ones fight cancer. They are a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. http://bringinghopehome.org

Thanks to all our Sponsors

heather@heatheryproject.com | 484.437.9805

By definition (heath•ery) is having flecks of various colors. Heathery project offers a variety of creative services such as adverting branding, promotions, direct mail, and custom designs. Providing these services is challenging work. Believe it or not, it demands critical thinking, diverse perspective and artistic intuition. But it also calls for imagination, sense of humor and shine. This is what makes working hard for you fun!

How much our sponsors mean to us! Thanks again.


Bib Sponsor. Thanks Gang.

Bib Sponsor. Thanks Gang.

Official Food Sponsors, Many Thanks:
Jim And Ralphs’


Jim and Ralph's Produce
Jim and Ralphs Produce
Check them out




Visit Mrs. Fields in the Mall. Cookies Can't Lose
Visit Valley Forge Running Company in Collegeville and Berwyn
Visit Valley Forge Running Company

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A 5K memorial run for Jim Bemis who passed away in 2011